About Laura Skorczeski

For as long as I can remember, reading has been my absolute favorite thing to do. My love of reading became an interest in writing, which ultimately grew into a passion for helping others express themselves as clearly as possible through their own writing.

I specialize in the technical editing of academic papers, journal articles, and trade materials, specifically regarding large infrastructure projects. I have a lot of experience working with projects that have been translated into English from other languages.

I use my background in the social sciences to inform my work. I have experience copyediting academic papers, theses, and dissertations; personal and business websites; résumés; journal articles and abstracts; technical papers and reports; ad copy and marketing materials; newsletters; handbooks; and online articles.

I completed U.C. Berkeley’s Professional Sequence in Editing and have a B.A. (Vassar College) and M.S. (Portland State University) in Geography. I started L.S. ReVisions in 2011 and have thoroughly enjoyed helping my clients perfect their writing.

Let’s make your writing shine.

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